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The USB Humping Dog is the funniest gadget to ever come to the US.  There is no memory in this small gadget.


The USB Humping Dog makes as a funny gag gift for an office worker or friend with a great sense of humor.


You have to love these small USB Humping Dogs.  We have been selling them for over 9 years.  All they do is hump your computer or USB plug.

Smurfette Flash Drive

A beautiful Smurfette 2 GB flash drive would make a wonderful gift for any fan.  Her head comes off to expose the USB plug.

Pappa Smurf Flash Drive

The boss, Pappa Smurf, will never forget whatever information you put in his head (actually his body).  This is a high quality product.

Worker Smurf

Sometimes you just need to be a worker.  This happy little guy will remember 2 GB of your data.  Feel free to attach him to your keys too.

USB Panda Flash Drive

This Flash Drive is made of soft plastic and contains 2 GB of memory

Transformer Flash Drive

The Transformer Flash Drive is a super-cool flash drive.  It folds up into a small rectangle.  To expose the USB plug just flip the switch on the bottom and lift the head.  There is 4 GB of memory in these.

Broken Cable Flash Drive

One of the most interesting gadgets that we sell.  When you plug this into your computer people will ask what is wrong with it.  It truely looks like someone cut the cable.  It contains 2 GB of memory.

  1. ALL PRODUCTS INCLUDE SHIPPING - All of the products that you see on this website are the only products that we sell.  This is important because there are other imitators that sell on other social media sites.  We are BIGTIMETECH.COM, nothing else.
  2. WE ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS - The reason why we only accept PayPal is because it protects both parties.  We ship through PayPal too so you will receive your tracking information from PayPal.
  3. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - We will ship anywhere in the world but at an additional expense.  Once you place your order via PayPal we will send you an additional shipping invoice to cover the additional costs associated with your order.